KYOETSU Men’s Japanese Kimono Undergarment Nagajuban


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You can wear this nagajuban right away from when you receive this.(no need to re-sew)
This is a comfortable feeling because it is a kimono underwear tailored with polyester fabric.
Polyester fabrics can be easily washed at home.
It is a thing that directly touches the skin, so we made it with washable material which is very easy to manage with.

Small(S) : Height 63"-65"/Length 51.1"/Sleeve Length 19"/Sleeve Length(*) 26.3"
Medium(M) : Height 65"-67"/Length 53.1"/Sleeve Length 19"/Sleeve Length(*) 27.1"
Large(L) : Height 67"-69"/Length 55.1"/Sleeve Length 19.8"/Sleeve Length(*) 27.9"
X-Large(LL) : Height 69"-71"/Length 57"/Sleeve Length 20.6"/Sleeve Length(*) 28.7"
XX-Large(3L) : Height 71"-73"/Length 59"/Sleeve Length 21.4"/Sleeve Length(*) 29.9"

*the measurement from the center of the back of the neck to end the sleeves

100% polyester
100% polyester
Made in China
100% polyester
100% polyester
Made in China
Color:White, Navy, Grey, Brown, Black